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A Mindmeld of Lego resources



- how to use Lego to make a better life for your family

Great Books


There are way more Lego-themed books than you might think.

Cool Robots, Cool City
and Cool Cars and Trucks are fun for everyone, but accessible to beginners.

The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide is a general reference guide for the avid builder; explaining techniques for successful building.

The LEGO Technic Idea Book series is for mechanically minded play, young and old. There are no words, just loads of great pictures and ideas.

Forbidden Lego is for the advanced builder with a bent towards the technical side.

Great Sites - For research and cataloging needs - FREE downloads of tons of instruction manuals for old sets. -  My Own Creation. Here is a flicker type site for builders to display their great ideas - A virtual marketplace for new and used Lego elements and sets - Of course - User submitted stop-motion Lego brick animation (like this one we made).

Caution parents: some videos that may be available are not appropriate for children due to theme or language

   I spent about $30 at Radio Shack on a web cam and tripod, and made this in one day!
   Check out brickfilms for great tutorials to get started.


Great Products

Box 4 Blox sifting stackables - Available only at


Great Places

Brickfair - held every year in the D.C. area in early August for Lego fans from around the world. 100,000+ square feet of displays, vendors and events