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Now that my Lego is organized, what are the chances I won't need to buy more Lego?


    We're glad you asked. For a while, we suspected that the kids only wanted the latest sets because everything else was buried in the plastic sweater box we had been using. The thought was that if we could only just get the components arrayed in a usable fashion, all those buried sets and ideas would be resurrected. Thus, we would never have to buy the kids another toy.
    Well, the first crate was a primitive JuniorCrate. Our boys now have two JumboCrates and a dresser-sized cubby shelf with large plastic drawers from Lowes for the common pieces.
    Our plans for thrift have backfired hard, but we would be lying if we said we regret it. You will get a bang for your buck out of the Lego bricks you already own-- a bang so big, it'll slap you into the checkout line at your local retailer.