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How old should a child be before I can expect them to separate the pieces?


    First, remember that BrikCrate is built with safety as one of its primary goals. Observe the safety warnings on LEGO┬« brand products as well as the various competitors. If you want to encourage your children or grandchildren to play with you, keep the following in mind:
    It all depends on the child's temperament and whether younger siblings have access. The feedback we have indicates children younger than age seven tend to need a good deal of help to keep things running smoothly, but children as old as thirty-five like help on occasion too. Even very young children benefit from sorting components by function and are often insistent that they help too.
   We encourage those who purchase a BrikCrate with a child younger than eight to consider not applying the labels until he/she has demonstrated the ability and desire to categorize. Rather, have them store special parts or components to favorite sets in unlabeled drawers. Allow the other drawers to be filled with mismatched pieces at their direction. Consider allowing them to only use the contents of a few drawers at a time for a day's play to see what they come up with. The bricks will be off the floor and your child won't be utterly frustrated. Remember, organizing is just the means to the end of self-directed modeling. If the organizing overwhelms or paralyzes a young builder, we have missed the point!
   As always with young children, please be mindful of safety warnings.