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Canadians love to get organized it seems, but we have been remiss in helping them.

We want to sell you our tables, but there are a few obstacles in our way.

The labels you may buy with ease.


   UPS is the shipper of choice here, but it seems they are not beloved by you, our neighbors, for the primary reason that Canadian customs requires them to act as a brokerage house for shipped goods. They pass along the cost of storing the goods awaiting customs to you, our customers, in a healthy measure. Though our products conform to NAFTA rules (the tables are manufactured in the US), they are also (I am to understand) subject to certain additional taxes on your side. These costs plus the additional shipping expense not only make for substantially higher prices, they muddy the waters of price clarity that we abide by.
   We sadly cannot utilize the cozy, and thus cheaper, relationship the US Post has with Canadian post because our product ships in containers that are too large to conform to US postal standards.

We have had to explain the above several times. One Canadian customer, Heather, was kind enough to find an alternative that seems to have served her well.

"We went directly to the lego website and came across the lego education site...on there we found a drawer system that we liked. I phoned them, but they do not ship to Canada either...but, they did refer me to a Canadian company...Spectrum... They do carry the lego education system and they are Canadian so we can order!! We ordered two 44 drawer units and two 64 drawer units and we are hoping with your labels we might just be able to get all of our lego organized :) The units look like this...  We are excited to put together our lego room! I just wanted to let you know in case you have other Canadians who are inquiring :)"

If the folding table is something you wish to have as well, try this alternative from our facebook page:

If you live close to an IKEA store, check out this fold down table. It doesn't do all our tables do, but you can wall mount cabinets from the home store above it and a get a functional workspace together on the cheap.

Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, antique stain $29.99
Folds flat; saves space when not in use. 
Solid wood, a hardwearing natural material. 


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