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Redeem your FREE Mosaic directions

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To redeem your FREE Mosaic directions follow these simple directions:

Specify either diagonal or horizontal in a note at checkout. Retrieve your order number from your confirmation and attach it to the e-mail containing your photo. Send photos cropped square to us here.

Note this additional information:

Terms, Conditions and Guidelines

   This does not include the baseplate or bricks you will need to construct your mosaic. You can obtain the bricks necessary for most portraits buy buying two (2) Lego set #6177 Basic Bricks Deluxe as well as one (1) #628 X-Large Gray Baseplate from an online retailer like Lego. Expect to pay about $85. Sorry, we don't sell Lego toys here.

   We will retain some artistic license to capture the portrait you are interested in. The backgrounds will be some varietal mix of green, light-green or blue. This is the most economical way to utilize the bricks you will get in Lego set #6177 as these three colors (green, light-green and blue) will not be represented in a normal portrait short of spinach in the teeth. You can always change the background on your own in any case.
   For your security, observe the following: We will e-mail you an editable bitmap file with your order number in the subject heading. The file will appear as "00018743.bmp" with your order number in place of the example number. The image will be square. We cannot be responsible for unresponsive e-mail addresses.
Open the file to print it, and select a full page print size, being sure to unclick the "fit picture to frame " box, or any similar defaults. Again, the image will be and should be square. Keep in mind, the image you will recieve will not be directions per se, it will be a template to follow. There will be infinite ways to satisfy the image by using different bricks in different combinations. Please don't shout at us if you run out of orange or brown.
   We do our best to give you a good rendering that won't burn through those rarer bricks. You can always utilize Bricklink to pick up some extra brown and orange on the cheap.

To display or hang your mosaic:

For horizontal mosaics, you can use a large plate stand or table easel. These are available at office supply and home accesory stores. 
If planning on hanging your horizontal or diagonal mosaic, you should follow these steps before you attach your bricks
1) Mount your baseplate to a square piece of 1/4" plywood cut to fit or 12" square. You can find such a piece at most home stores pre-cut. 
2) Fasten a simple sawtooth picture hanger with provided nails to the back where needed. 
3) Use construction adhesive (like Liquid Nails) distributed across the front surface of the wood to adhere your baseplate. A squared-off spiral pattern works well to ensurea good bond.
4) Put a couple of heavy books on top and let sit overnight before attching your bricks.

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