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Other uses

If you are looking for the ultimate hobby table, you've come to the right place. For any hobbyist, a functional workspace is crucial to the craft. Go ahead and try looking for another crafting table online. When you find a more versatile setup for a better price, let us know!


When ordering your Brikcrate for non-Lego use, consider the following:

Order the extra leg assembly if using in any application when weight-loading will be an issue. The table surface is only a half inch thick, but is sturdy enough (with the extra leg) to support a small clamp-on bench vise for light duty.

We would not recommend loads exceeding 15 pounds on the open face (such as an old sewing machine). 

Make sure when putting products in your cart to select "no labels required" for a $5 credit.

You can use a hot glue gun to adhere screws, buttons, feathers, or whatever to the drawer faces.

We will throw in a sheet of blank, writable labels (80 1" stickers) with every JuniorCrate purchase, and two sheets (160 stickers) with the JumboCrate. 




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