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The three essential functions


Less Mess

   Let's face it, Lego bricks make a mess. They stab your feet. They clog drains. They spread inexorably like a plastic mist. We have found them in the couch, behind the fridge, in nostrils, suspended in Jello molds. Astronauts found them on the moon and were able to use them to repair a damaged switch, allowing a safe return home (it's true, you can find it on the internet).
   Brikcrate Lego brick storage tables are a home for the thousands of pieces that clutter our lives. With the accompanying label system, our cabinets bring order to chaos and close securely to keep little plastic farmers from maniacally sowing the living room carpet.


Improved Play

   Ever try finding a tool in a poorly organized tool bag? Ever try finding a matching lid for a Tupperware bowl in your mother's cupboard? You can't pound a nail with a wire cutter and you dry out the meatloaf with an ill-fitting lid.
   When an artist has a well-ordered studio, magic happens as it should-- coming naturally out of the creative mind, unobstructed by the distracting search for pens or chisels or tubes of paint. When an engineer has a well-ordered lab, innovation happens in the exact same way.
   Lego bricks are a medium of both artistry and precision science. Considered as a calibrated sculpting tool, even very young children learn aesthetic and engineering principles while passing the time in play. This, however, can ONLY happen with a well-ordered lab/studio.
   Brikcrate Lego brick storage tables are just that; a laboratory for the creative mind, streamlining thought and inspiration. They remove the obstructions of fractured thought and allow a true enthusiast to use his Lego bricks as a medium for pure art and science. You will be amazed at the progression on both of these accounts. Guaranteed.


Compact Storage

   Can you fit a working design studio into a 10 x 12 bedroom with bunk beds and a dresser? How about a robotics lab in the corner of your family room? What about a production studio for stop-motion animation?
   By now, you understand just what we're getting at. We mean it whole-heartedly when we say, “The greatest toy on earth just got better!”

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