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About Us


Brikcrate was born in concept on a lazy afternoon when work was sparse, and I had devoted a solid hour to locating and assembling the components for a thirty piece Lego set --

   I recalled an attic room as a child that for a summer became my secret Lego brick laboratory.  With exposed fiberglass insulation for a ceiling, I built empires and grappled with the physics of ABS plastic, the frustration of never-enough bricks, and the utter consternation of missing a 1x1 yellow tile; "the perfect and only piece, and I know it's here 'cause I just had it, but you can't find anything in this pile!"




   Though the components survive (for the most part) to this day, and my children now use them with a much expanded collection, my wife and I have yet to willingly set aside a floorspace for the sprawl of sharp plastic pieces.

   When my oldest was five, I began to recall through his eyes my childhood fascination with the world's greatest toy. He'd ask me to take down the plastic tub that held the booklets and figures, bricks and plates. The crisp, musical sound of shuffling plastic brought back memories, and as much as I wanted to let him have at it on the floor of his room, I couldn't tolerate the mess. “Choking hazard,” I would think. Or selfishly, “they're gonna' lose the visors to my Blacktron guys.”


The tackle box

   And then I remembered my mother's good intentioned but lame attempt at satisfying the childhood beginnings of my need for order with a tackle box. Tackle boxes are great for fishing lures, but not for Lego bricks. A neatly sorted box is only a single jostle from chaos, and a single drop from despair.

   “So,” I thought, “now that I call the shots around here, what can I do to get my (er, the kids') Lego bricks organized and stored in such a way I (they) can play, yet keep the up and coming builders safe, the room tidy, and most importantly, the Blacktron visors readily accessible.

--Ty Hansen





The Less Mess Express




   A view of the Hansen kids' wall o' Lego.
   They manage to keep the lab going most of the time. The test BrikBoxes sit on the floor under the first gen Brikcrate. We've had to add on storage with the Seville Classics bin and shelf system on the Links page. We all have to be creative.